Frequently asked Questions


Is Aspen Ridge certified and insured?

 Aspen Ridge Landscaping and Tree Service is fully insured, and the owner, David C. Gust, is a Certified Arborist, # WI-0425A and a licensed Wisconsin pesticide applicator. 

Why is it important for a tree service to be insured?


A reputable arborist will have personal and property damage insurance as well as workers compensation insurance. Proof of these insurances should be provided by the insurance company, not by the arborist himself.  Many homeowners have had to pay out large amounts of money for damages caused by an uninsured individual claiming to be a tree expert.  You could be held responsible for damages and injuries that occur as a result of the job.  Keep in mind even if a company, such as a landscaping company, may have liability insurance, they might not have proper coverage for tree work.  

What professional standards does Aspen Ridge follow?

 Apsen Ridge follows the standards set in place by our profession: Ansi A300 Standards for tree pruning and care; Ansi 2133.1 for safety.  We base our everyday activities, as should all certified arborists, around these standards, to provide the best care for your trees while providing a culture for safety. You won't see us employing unnecessary practices such as topping a tree, removing an excessive amount of live wood, using climbing spikes on trees which are not being removed, and removing or disfiguring living trees without just cause. 

Does Aspen Ridge provide written estimates?


​You should examine the credentials and the written specifications of the companies who submitted bids and determine the best combination of price, work to be done, skill and professionalism to protect your substantial investment.

Most reputable arborists will have their clients sign a contract.  Be sure to read the contract carefully.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as “when will the work be started? Who will be responsible for clean-up? Is this the total price? If I would like more to be done, what is your hourly rate?”  I always provide a written estimate and require a clients signature before the work is started.

  If you have any other questions, please contact us.